Leveraging a natural system evolved over billions of years, we express high value proteins and enzymes for food and healthcare applications at a cost point other technologies cannot reach

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FGF-2 Bovine
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FGF-2 Human
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EGF Human
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PDGF Human
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PDGF Porcine


We have automated the largest possible living system – insects in a chrysalis state – to produce enzymes and growth factors at a functionality and cost point no other protein expression platform can achieve.


Innovation in the food and health industries requires a set of novel molecular tools like bioactive proteins and specialized enzymes, to address environmental issues and new consumer needs. However, the cost of these has been prohibitive so far and has prevented innovative products and services from reaching all over the market.


Our platform makes it possible to rapidly and cost-effectively produce bioactive proteins and enzymes required for innovative endeavours in the food and health space, ranging from growth factors for cellular agriculture or specialized enzymes for gene therapies.


We work closely with our customers and partners, developing the proteins and enzymes they need, with a focus on the target cost, required performance, and the quantity and quality needed for their production process. We support all our partners in their innovation and business growth journey.

Our Mission

Is to catalyse the expansion of bottlenecked industries like cultivated meat by manufacturing high performance and low-cost growth factors and specialized enzymes

Our Sustainability vision

Our Sustainability vision addresses climate change and global hunger with a platform leveraging nature at its fullest


Cocoon supports the mission of multiple United Nations’ Sustainability Goals which recognize the need to address Climate Change and Global Hunger


Tackling climate change is not possible without finding new, innovative solutions to protein production such as Cultivated Meat.


By producing mammal-free growth factors at a fraction of the cost, Cocoon is a critical player in the commercial expansion of Cultivated Meat.


Our success directly beneficially impacts the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Zero Hunger and Climate Action

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