Our technology

The CrisBio® platform harnesses pupae from the Trichoplusia ni as living yet immobile bioreactors that can be harnessed in a fully automated system to take recombinant protein production to the next level.

Developed originally for vaccine production. CrisBio® relies on Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems (BEVS).

BEVS are one of the most powerful, robust and versatile eukaryotic expression systems, significantly increasing the speed and versatility of expression of a wide variety of protein families allowing the acceleration of development times of protein-based products. 

What we build



An automated platform that can produce milligrams up to several grams of recombinant protein little incremental investment, high flexibility and immediate linear scalability


A simple and robust process that has proven efficient in producing complex proteins, peptides and enzymes, which required post-translational modifications


Patented workflow employs pupae from the Trichoplusia ni, the natural host of the baculovirus vector, harnessing  efficienciess that have naturally evolved

Compared to standard bioreactors used for production today, the simple Chrysalis at the heart of the CrisBio® platform has inherent advantages on reliability, quality, price, and performance.


Industry Standard

  • Simple media imperfectly mimics a living system
  • Multiple data systems constantly monitored to avoid failed runs
  • Complex to scale and difficult to optimize expression conditions.
  • High Capex & Opex


  • Natural bioreactor perfectly tailored for millions of cells acting as expression hosts
  • No monitoring and no risk of environmental or cross-contamination
  • Simple maintenance & ‘input media’
  • Linear scale-up / linear scale-down, reduced CAPEX, with high modularity

Advantages of the CrisBio® Technology

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High expression in insect biomass


Suitable for proteins which require multiple post – translational modifications

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Automated process: simple, robust, reproducible

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Linear & immediate scalability and flexibility

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No mammalian components; high biosafety

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No zoonotic risk


Lower COGS and Capex

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