Cocoon’s Recombinant Growth Factors are produced using CrisBio® patented technology, allowing a rapid and efficient solution to address increased demand, achieve cost-effective and high-performance non-GMO, and mammalian-free recombinant proteins.

We have developed two main categories of products which leverage our CrisBio® platform: Growth Factors and Specialty Enzymes.

We can achieve a cost point significantly lower than traditional methods with high quality standards and without asking for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) which doesn’t align with your business needs.

Cultivated Meat 

Growth Factors

  • Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor; ~20% of media cost


  • Platelet-derived Growth Factor; critical in cultivated beef production
  • Epidermal Growth Factor; application in cultivated meat and cosmetics


  • *Active Development*
  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1; highest priced media component for cultivated meat.

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FGF-2 Bovine
FGF-2 Bovine
FGF-2 Human
FGF-2 Human
EGF Human
EGF Human
PDGF Human
PDGF Human
PDGF Porcine
PDGF Porcine

Healthcare Enzymes


  • Nuclei Acid Modification
  • Cancer and Aging applications

DNA Polymerases
& Primases

  • Nucleic Acid Modification
  • Diagnostic and basic science research applications

Exonuclease III

  • Sequencing and site-directed mutagenesis applications

T4 DNA Ligase

  • Critical enzyme for sequencing workflows, representing significant portion of NGS cost


  • mRNA synthesis
  • Critical to improving yields of mRNA

Alternative enzymes

Specialty enzymes

Todays problem

The main problem to be solved by the cultured meat industry is the cost of the culture medium, where growth factors can be up to 80% of that cost.

Todays problem

Production of new enzymes under GMP conditions is uncertain, costly, and time-consuming. Several enzymes, like those modifying nucleic acids, are difficult to express actively and at times require intense R&D with uncertain success.

Cocoon Solution

Through our technology we can produce growth factors at an exceptionally low cost that cannot be achieved with traditional protein production systems.


Cocoon’s platform enables very cost-effective and linearly scalable GMP production. As a eukaryotic multi-cellular system, it is quite easy to produce any type of enzyme


Cocoon Bioscience offers a convenient, cost-effective and efficient path to generate recombinant proteins with high commercial value for our clients interested in customized projects.  

We supports innovative companies in the production of tailored recombinant proteins on demand as a trustworthy partner that grow along with our clients in the process or products they are building.

Cocoon Bioscience Development Service Workflow



Customer inquiry. Compilation and study of available information on the protein interest.

4-5 weeks


Gene Synthesis and virus production

Customer inquiry. Compilation and study of available information on the protein interest.

2 weeks


Setting upstream conditions

Define the infection conditions, temperature and time of expression of the recombinant protein. Proof of concept.

3 weeks



Determine the best purification strategy. Preliminary yield, purity, and costs are calculated.Proof of concept sample output.

12-24 weeks



Scaling up production in Crisbio® system. Industralization of production conditions. Quality controls development.

Custom Protein Development

To get started, simply make a request through the form below for the recombinant protein of interest and our team will reach out to you shortly.